Beginning of design thinking

There has already a lot that was new happening in class and then we were introduced to design thinking module. we have had an experience in our introduction week of what we were going to do the entire year. Design thinking is a year long module so I’m pretty sure there is lot of challenges and work that we will have to put in .We were given an introduction to the module by directly putting us in a situation where we had to re-design the gift-giving experience. We were put in a team of two me and Natalia were going to work together.

We had to start by gaining EMPATHY and understand and interview each other and ask questions regarding the last gift we gave to smeone.

While interviewing Natalia I came to know that she had gifted a colourful hair band to her girlfriend on her birthday. She had a reason behind gifting her friend the band because she thought she would use it more often at her job at the luxury store. Natalia also wanted to make her friend feel special. This was a time restricted task and then the second step was to dig deeper into the thought process behind Natalia’s choice and what led to her decision. As we progressed to the next step we were now supposed to re-frame the problem by shortlisting the goals,wishes ( what is your partner trying to achieve through gift giving?) and insights ( new learning about your partners feelings and motivations. whats something you see about your partner’s experience that maybe he/she doesn’t see?). I realised that Natalia felt that there’s money limitations for some relationships , but even if its something small Natalia would want it to be thoughtful and which lead to cheer the person up.

After re-framing the problem now I moved on to the next step which was : IDEATE (generate alternatives to test). We were given very less time to come up with different alternatives for the problem that Natalia was facing in getting the perfect gift for loved one.  I came up with the following : gift app, an app through which she find offers and deals, make handmade gifts so its less expensive and also has a person touch naming few. Then we had to present them to our partner and get feedback from them. once I discussed the ideas with Natalia I felt that she was happy and heads on for creating handmade gifts for people because she felt that was something she liked the most. She also mentioned a very important point that she would love to create stuff if she knows how to create stuff and its innovative and new. This feedback helped me reach a decision that to solve Natalia’s problem which she was facing while finding gifts for loved ones I had to create a book which will consist of hand made gift ideas. This book will help Natalia create personalised gifts for her loved ones and won’t be expensive as well.

From this one hour session I understood that in design thinking process its not about what you as a designer wants to create its more about what does the consumer wants and what are the problems the consumer is facing.

Looking forward to other session in this module as we were told that soon we will need to come up with a team which we will be our team for the entire year and collectively we will have to run an actual business. Even though the thought of it makes me stressed but I’m looking forward to learn a lot from this module.





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