What is body storming ?

Bodystorming is a method that put together empathy work, ideation, and prototyping. Bodystorming is technique of physically experiencing a situation to derive new ideas. It helps the designers to actually be in the position of the user to understand the situation and feel the needs and wants of the consumers. In this practise the team experiences it physically by actually performing an exercise where all team members play a role. Bodystorming can also include physically changing your space during ideation.

Why do it?

its very necessary to come out of our comfort zone and actually put yourself in the situation of the end consumer to understand the reality and think from there perspective.

In class we all were given a task to use a chair with wheels and see the problems faced by wheelchair users in our business school building. Every team was given a different task to perform. We as a team were given the task to figure out how a wheelchair user in business school goes to use the toilet.

Claudia one of our team member chose to be on the chair and perform the exercise. she had to be on the seat while trying to open the door and look for the toilet on the floor.

While performing the exercise we as team were making notes of all the difficulties Claudia was facing. We then as team listed down the difficulties and issues Claudia had while going to the toilet like –

  • She was super exhausted as the toilets were very far away.
  • Someone was already using a disabled toilet so she had to go further ahead to find toilets.
  • She was having difficulties to open the heavy doors in the corridors which was making her feel exhausted by the end of it.
  • She felt uncomfortable waiting outside the disabled washroom as she felt it was in the main corridor.
  • Large amount of body strength was used to just reach the toilet.
  • The toilet door handles weren’t at the height which was comfortable for the wheelchair user.

These difficulties and issues that we listed down after performing body storming would not have been the same if we just sat in our comfort zone and physically didn’t not perform it. We as a team realised that unless and until we experience the issues ourselves we won’t be in the right position to solve the existing problem. Bodystorming makes us more empathetic and helps us list the problems which will not just be assumptions.



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