Coming up with the product

We as a team had mutually decided that we want to help the wheelchair users to comfortably enjoy their simple pleasures of life.

Problem faced by Wheel Chair users –

More often than not, wheelchair users are frequently faced with the uncomfortable process of having to ask for assistance, doing the simplest of things.

Firstly we started by brainstorming as a team to decide how we want to help our potential customers. Things we knew we had to keep in mind-

  • Our product needs to be easy to carry.
  • Lightweight
  • Should have stability

We all started coming up with ideas which we thought we could get inspired by :



-Listing down ideas we figured that we wanted to use the concept of the handheld fan to provide some tray like structure for wheel chair users to keep a tray or book on there waist level.



screen shot 2019-01-07 at 2.10.44 am

-This made us understand we needed our product to be foldable and in a certain way that it becomes compact and small in size once folded.



We have been doing 2 minute stand ups in class which are basically every Friday to showcase the progress of our product. These have been quite useful as we get feedback and questions from the entire class which helps us realise and see things which might not be considered by us.

In our stand up’s we were asked few questions-

QUESTION 1- How will we make our tray stabilise on the armrest of the wheelchair?

QUESTION 2- What will be the shape and size of it?

These two questions proved to be quite useful for us as we had to research and figure out  how will be creating the product.

Janja also mentioned that we were able to identify a problem and a need but we might face issues in finding the right material for our product.

Thats the challenge me and my team mates are going to be facing. It’s going to be interesting how we will create the product for it to be Foldable , lightweight and compact.

Next step : create a prototype to understand the shape, size and folding technique that we need to follow. IMG_7949.jpg





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