So the day was here when we were going to introduce our product “FOLDABLE TRAY” to the judges.


We had been preparing to present our idea to the judges to get their feedback. Dragon’s den main aim is to give us constructive feedback which we could use for our trade fair which will take place in Jan 2019.

So we as a team had been practising a lot for this day. We also nominated ourselves to be the first ones to pitch our idea to judges because we mutually decided that we did not want to sit in stress the entire time. For the day we prepared ourselves by rehearsing our pitch and timing it to be less than 5 mins.

We as team knew that we should time ourselves lesser than 5 mins so that if anything happens we have time to fix it.

We started off by standing in the library and chose to practise there so that we can get rid of the anxiety and get used to pitching infant of people.

We also made sure we recorded ourselves while rehearsing so we could work on our body language as well.

We had distributed the pitch between us and we knew we all had to focus on our individual sections and aim at giving it our best.

We as a team decided to wear formal black clothes to look professional and serious about our presentation.

On the day of our presentation we all came in early and started practising  in the business school cafe. Random people walking by were looking at us some were smiling but we kept practising as it was helping us let go of our stage fear and be more confident.

We were very nervous when it all began but we as team supported and motivated each other.

We described our problem, included figures and statistics of number of wheelchair users in UK, Included our elevator pitch and pricing and marketing strategies. Me and Claudia were from Mace so we did try and add learning from Branding and IP class in the pitch as well. On the other hand Najma and Sarah did the finance and costings of our product.


The hard work paid off when everybody at the judges table had wonderful feedback for us and were very happy with our presentation.

There were quite a lot of questions which came our way and all I could think in my head was -” Janja said don’t start arguing or answering back, Take feedback and try listening to the Judges”.

But whenever someone would ask a question like how did u come up with this idea of creating FOLDAble Tray for wheelchair users as a team we couldn’t hold back as we knew all the answers and we wanted the audience to understand every thought behind the product.

At the end of the presentation when Janja also said we were very well prepared I did tell her that her voice was in my head continuously telling me to stop talking she made a very valid point, “if you know everything about your product and our confident then one should answer”.

We as a team were very happy, what we need to work on is our pricing as we need to have higher margins than what we have right now.

It was the day we learnt so much and all the knowledge we gained we can now put into our businesses and create product which are complete from every aspect.


Looking forward to working on the product and next year.


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