What is a Prototyping?

  • Prototyping is a way of testing ideas and concepts for new products and services.
  • A prototype is a product which is made out the least amount of investement.
  •  During prototyping, an idea is developed, tested, improved and refined.

After deciding in a team that we wanted a foldable and collapsible tray for wheelchair users. It was now time for us to put it in a tangible form and create something.


We knew that for prototype we were just looking at initial testing so we looked around and asked in the cafe and collected pieces of cardboards, and just cut bits and pieces to understand how we want to fold the tray.

We as a team also decided to Knights park Campus as well and see what material could we use to design our product.

Now that we knew what folding concept we wanted to apply it was time to shortlist materials we could test the tray in.

My friend Prachi helped us with looking at different available material and there was blue foam of a thickness of 1cm and then there were stiff cardboard which we cut into pieces.

We also went to the nursing section at Kingston hill campus to measure the Wheelchair. While we were using all the resources we had we understood how its very important to see around and figure out what all you already have available.

In one of our stand up’s we were also told that cardboard won’t be water resistant so our other option could be plywood.

We also considered covering cardboard with leather to make it resistant.

Suddenly Janja while discussing about the product mentioned “BAMBOO” and we felt in that moment that we could consider bamboo as one of our classmates Ghalia( Interior Designer) also said that bamboo is water resistant as well.

Now as a team we will figure out how we want to use bamboo and in which form.







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