Introduction – Experiencing the Creative Industries

New year got us new modules in the second semester one of them being- Experiencing the Creative Industries. In the last semester I came across a lot of stuff that was out my comfort zone but I learned so much and changed my thought process in so many ways which resulted in me being super charged and positive about semester 2.

Our day started with us being introduced to D&AD competition which requires us to work on live project brief set by clients and learn how to stay on top of industry, market and consumer trends and to keep ourself current and relevant. Also while working for the briefs we will get to learn to plan ourselves according to industry standards and also match upto the deadlines.

We started by seeing the previous work done by the winners in different categories to understand the expectation which the competition has from us. Among the different winners that we discussed few made an impact on me which I have listed below-

These particular winners made an impact on me as there thought process and implementation was something that I would want to achieve and get inspired by.

We then moved on to checking all the briefs that were available for this year. There are currently 18 briefs set and available for us to choose from. Going through the briefs I realised that there were parts of each brief that I would like and some parts were absolutely new to me. We are supposed to make a video of 2 mins and add in 4 jpegs as our submission. Thinking of creating a video was something I couldn’t get my head around as I have never done it before and to actually design, build and create a video was a thought that scared me a little.

The upcoming challenge was now to choose a brief that I would love to work on and also look into the abilities and skills that are required to fulfil the brief requirement.

First thought which came to my mind while looking at the briefs was –

“Do I choose something that I already know or should take this as an opportunity and learn and develop skills which might help me in long run with my design label as well?”

To work better on the briefs we were also introduced to the PDP (PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN) which would help us list down our strengths , threats and opportunities and areas of development in stage 1 ( PERSONAL ANALYSIS). Also it would help us in stage 2 and stage 3 to set goals and list down how we look at achieving these goals.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Goal for next week :

  • Choose a brief to work on .
  • Work on the personal development plan and set goals which I need to achieve in accordance to the brief.

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