Choosing the John Lewis & Partners brief

There were a lot of brief to choose from but as soon as i saw the John Lewis & Partners brief i was inclined towards it. I think part of me was interested in it because they were wanting to own “thoughtful gifting”. I have always been a person who puts a lot of thought behind a gift that i present to my loved one or friends. I think because of my person interests in it i chose the brief. Also i felt that it would help my portfolio for the future as they wanted to promote their gifting experiences rather than physical objects like personal styling and home styling services and many more.

As I am a fashion designer and I customised bridal outfits and traditional Indian outfits for my clientele in India. First thing i do is get to know the bride and understand what they want me to design for them.  I applied the same thought process to my brief as well. So I started by first getting to know about the brand and its history.

About the brand and the brief- 

  • John lewis and partnership was set up by John Spedan Lewis in 1929 to hold his business in trust for his employees.  Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 1.16.00 PM
  • They added ‘Partners’ to their name making it JOHN LEWIS & PARTNERS showing that the employees are at the heart of their business.
  • They have launched new customer services to increase the engagement of people with the brand.
  • John Lewis & Partners want the customers from age group of mid 20’s to mid 30’s to engage more with the brand and rely on them for thoughtful gifting throughout the year and not just Christmas.

I started by breaking down the brief and making sure I understand the important key points and aspects of the brief that John Lewis & Partners want me to fulfil.

I researched more about the brand and came across that they had opened their 50th store in Westfield, White city which included An Experience desk for booking in -store experiences, Bespoke customer collection section, Style studio for people to get advices and tips from personal stylists and many more.

We were told that every week we will be having critiques in the class so that we could get feedback on our progress from our fellow classmates. Time and again Janja kept telling us that we should consider the critiques as a meeting with the clients. Because it would teach us how to plan the brief and meet deadlines each week so that we have the clients involved in the progress of the brief and get their feedback.

I realised that it was similar to what i would do with my clients while i was creating their bridal outfits. As i would show them the embroidery samples, the work in progress and every detail would pass through them so that they were happy with the final outcome.

As I was from India and John Lewis was a UK based brand I also realised that to understand more about the brand I should visit their store to actually experience their services as a customer.

Looking forward to working on the brief and understanding the process to meet the industry standards.

Goals for coming week- 

  • Visit the store
  • Practise photoshop and illustrator to brush up with the tools as will be required in the final outcome.



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