Understanding Agile PM..

So while studying for this module we were also informed about the test that we could give for Agile project management. When Janja mentioned this I will be honest I didn’t know what it was.

What is Agile PM?

According to the agile user guide (2016), an Agile approach provides flexibility and the ability to deliver quickly, It contrasts with a traditional approach of specifying exactly what is required, putting together a design solution and then developing the output itself.


DSDM philosophy to create best business value depends on the following eight principles:

Focus on the business need

Deliver on time


Never compromise quality

Build incrementally from firm foundations

Develop iteratively

Communicate continuously and clearly, and

Demonstrate Control

Time and again Janja kept mentioning us to do the Agile Pm sessions online, but due to other assignments I kept neglecting it. Only if i had been doing it from the beginning it would have helped me connect the dots to my John Lewis & Partners Brief and also my start-up.

Once I started doing the sessions and understood about the agile project management approach I realised that all these fundamentals are what we need to adapt in my startup and the brief.

How could I have used Agile PM in my John Lewis & Partners Brief ?

If I had followed the Agile Pm fundamentals to my brief it would have made it easier for me to deliver. While working on the brief after being lost for so long and feeling frustrated I re-visited the brief after really long. Now i understand that while working on a project one should keep re-visiting the brief so that we can deliver what is required by the clients. Also i realised that in project management it’s not important what we feel, it should focus on the business need or the clients needs. To deliver to the client or business we should make them part of the work in progress so that they can give feedback and the output can be changed according to their feedback. In relation to my brief I kept coming up with ideas and put in the effort to create videos but forgot how the video should also match upto the deliverables required by the brief.

How could I have used Agile PM for my Start up ?

Looking back at my start up , after we were struggling with our pivot from Foldable tray to fashionable tailored bags. We as a team had lost communication and which also affected our work. Following the Agile pm principles collaboration and communicating regularly would have helped us work towards achieving our goals. Another important aspect which is important is delivering on time. Even though we always made sure we presented our ideas at various trade fairs and dragon’s den, but I think we could have managed it much better if we had a set plan from the beginning to achieve the goals.

Agile Pm helped me understand how a project can be managed properly without wasting resources. I will be applying these principles to my running fashion business back in India as well because I have a team of tailors and embroiderers who are working for me and to get the best results its very important for me to communicate with them and have daily meetings with them to see the work in progress.


  • Agile Project Management User Guide (2016)





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