Amanjot’s Reflective Essay

My life completely changed from last year when I moved to London. Leaving my family and my work was not at all easy but I knew this was going to be a start of a something new. There were many challenges awaiting. Some associated with the big change while other with the course. During the... Continue Reading →


Final dragon’s den

We are reaching the end of the module and the only milestone left to achieve was the Final Dragon's den. We now need to make sure that we pitch our ideas to the judges in 6 minutes. My First thought in mind was - How can anybody explain everything in 6 minutes? We have time... Continue Reading →

Going to the market

From the start of the module we as team had been doing great and getting great feedback. Deep inside I always kept thinking why aren't we struggling? How is everything going smooth? Where are the hurdles? Even though our idea of FoldAble tray was good and had customer segment we had to accept that we... Continue Reading →

When we faced a tough decision….

We have been working on our start-ups for months and learnt that we as founders get really attached to our ideas and keep them really close to our hearts. I feel because we invest so much time and thought behind making the idea work in the best possible manner it becomes really hard to even... Continue Reading →

Advertisement for our start-up

We had now reached a stage where we were told that we had to come up with an advertisement for our individual products. It takes a lot of thought while you want to connect with audiences through the advert. We as a group started brainstorming ideas of how we can showcase our product and communicate... Continue Reading →

Reaching the Bright Ideas final !!

We were busy in preparing for our start-up's first trade fair and on the other hand we got no email confirming us for being the finalists in Bright ideas competition. We were very motivated after the Sprint Weekend and were using all the feedback in a constructive way to help us in improving our product.... Continue Reading →

KU Sprint weekend

Second semester started with us preparing for our first trade fair. Lots of decisions to make in terms of the trade stand figuring out the display, business cards. But before the trade fair we as a team had applied for Bright Ideas Competition in November. Bright Ideas Competition happens every year in Kingston University and... Continue Reading →


So the day was here when we were going to introduce our product "FOLDABLE TRAY" to the judges. We had been preparing to present our idea to the judges to get their feedback. Dragon's den main aim is to give us constructive feedback which we could use for our trade fair which will take place... Continue Reading →

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