So the day was here when we were going to introduce our product "FOLDABLE TRAY" to the judges. We had been preparing to present our idea to the judges to get their feedback. Dragon's den main aim is to give us constructive feedback which we could use for our trade fair which will take place... Continue Reading →


Searching for the Right Material?

Listening to Bamboo as our option in the last class, we four decided to look around for bamboo options that we could use. Struggle : As me, Claudia and Sarah are not from this country it becomes difficult for us to know where to begin with. Its always easier when you are around known surrounding... Continue Reading →


What is a Prototyping? Prototyping is a way of testing ideas and concepts for new products and services. A prototype is a product which is made out the least amount of investement.  During prototyping, an idea is developed, tested, improved and refined. After deciding in a team that we wanted a foldable and collapsible tray... Continue Reading →

Coming up with the product

We as a team had mutually decided that we want to help the wheelchair users to comfortably enjoy their simple pleasures of life. Problem faced by Wheel Chair users - More often than not, wheelchair users are frequently faced with the uncomfortable process of having to ask for assistance, doing the simplest of things. Firstly... Continue Reading →


After learning about the five stages in design thinking process we were now supposed to come up with a problem that we would as a team want to solve and help people with. We were supposed to have four people in a team 2 from MACE and two from other courses. Me and Claudia had... Continue Reading →


What is body storming ? Bodystorming is a method that put together empathy work, ideation, and prototyping. Bodystorming is technique of physically experiencing a situation to derive new ideas. It helps the designers to actually be in the position of the user to understand the situation and feel the needs and wants of the consumers.... Continue Reading →

5 Stages in Design Thinking Process

It's very important to know why we should consider Design thinking process. Why Design Thinking “Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer's toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.” — Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO This approach, which IDEO... Continue Reading →

Beginning of design thinking

There has already a lot that was new happening in class and then we were introduced to design thinking module. we have had an experience in our introduction week of what we were going to do the entire year. Design thinking is a year long module so I'm pretty sure there is lot of challenges... Continue Reading →

Lean start up

Last week we started with our induction week, which was very challenging and overwhelming for me. Just in a span of a few days, I was trying to adjust to a new country and a course which was going to be an amalgamation of my creative side to business. I have been involved in fashion... Continue Reading →

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