Reflective Essay

The time has never passed by so fast like it did for me while studying MACE. I have mixed emotions while reflecting on my journey for this module. In the beginning of the year Janja had informed us that we will be working on a live project brief individually and we will need to deliver... Continue Reading →


Journey to the final concept

So I had been told to re-visit the brief, as I had been struggling to come to the final concept for John Lewis & Partners. This time even though I had less time left I wanted to make sure I did not miss anything. John lewis & partners wanted to have an illustration or animation... Continue Reading →

Understanding Agile PM..

So while studying for this module we were also informed about the test that we could give for Agile project management. When Janja mentioned this I will be honest I didn't know what it was. What is Agile PM? According to the agile user guide (2016), an Agile approach provides flexibility and the ability to... Continue Reading →

When it became difficult for me….

To know about the brand, I wanted to use different types of approach. I started by ethnographic approach, went to the westfield store and looked at the different services they had to offer to their customers.They had personal styling, beauty, home decor services, and helping new parents to be with nursery and other required list... Continue Reading →

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