Reflecting on the past semester

I arrived in London almost 4 months back to study MACE and learn about the amalgamation of creativity and business. I had been running my fashion design label in India from past four years and all my friends questioned me as to why I wanted to move to London and study. I knew it deep... Continue Reading →

New Venture Development

Week 2 was about new venture development which when I first heard didn’t make sense to me. As I read more about it started understanding the concepts. There are companies following the traditional methods where they put in time and effort in planning and preparing business plan and get a team together and launch a... Continue Reading →


Week 4 was our session with Janja on strategic management. Strategy for me was the planning and path which I used to take to make sure my upcoming collection is commercial and accepted by my clients. I went through few case studies out of which I got fascinated by the different strategies used by ZARA... Continue Reading →

Brand and it’s importance

  It’s week-11 already and seems as I just started studying MACE at Kingston University yesterday. This week we had Francesca Dall’Olmo Riley Professor of Brand Management at Kingston Business School. We started off by defining brand. We all came up with words like identity, perception, trust, assurance of quality, symbol of ownership, trademark which... Continue Reading →

Intellectual Property

As we progressed in week 10, we had our second session on Intellectual property management and application. We had Naomi Korn as our guest Lecturer, she is one of the leading UK experts in Copyright, Data protection and GDPR rights and licensing. Naomi started with an example of Ethel Bilborough's handwritten dairy which was gifted... Continue Reading →


Moving on with my course, this week we had a session on ADVERTISING. We had Helen Robinson, Associate Professor Marketing Communications and Advertising in the first session focusing on the different appeals, styles and formats used in advertising. In the class we were supposed to focus on the three different types of appeals/styles by Appelbaum... Continue Reading →

Business Model Canvas ?

  I have been working on my clothing brand for the past four years and for me desigining and producing my vision to actual garments brings me great amount of joy. I used to think that I have been running my firm smoothly and I understand the nuances of the business. At Kingston, my professor... Continue Reading →

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