Advertisement for our start-up

We had now reached a stage where we were told that we had to come up with an advertisement for our individual products. It takes a lot of thought while you want to connect with audiences through the advert. We as a group started brainstorming ideas of how we can showcase our product and communicate... Continue Reading →


Reaching the Bright Ideas final !!

We were busy in preparing for our start-up's first trade fair and on the other hand we got no email confirming us for being the finalists in Bright ideas competition. We were very motivated after the Sprint Weekend and were using all the feedback in a constructive way to help us in improving our product.... Continue Reading →

KU Sprint weekend

Second semester started with us preparing for our first trade fair. Lots of decisions to make in terms of the trade stand figuring out the display, business cards. But before the trade fair we as a team had applied for Bright Ideas Competition in November. Bright Ideas Competition happens every year in Kingston University and... Continue Reading →


So the day was here when we were going to introduce our product "FOLDABLE TRAY" to the judges. We had been preparing to present our idea to the judges to get their feedback. Dragon's den main aim is to give us constructive feedback which we could use for our trade fair which will take place... Continue Reading →

Searching for the Right Material?

Listening to Bamboo as our option in the last class, we four decided to look around for bamboo options that we could use. Struggle : As me, Claudia and Sarah are not from this country it becomes difficult for us to know where to begin with. Its always easier when you are around known surrounding... Continue Reading →


What is a Prototyping? Prototyping is a way of testing ideas and concepts for new products and services. A prototype is a product which is made out the least amount of investement. ┬áDuring prototyping, an idea is developed, tested, improved and refined. After deciding in a team that we wanted a foldable and collapsible tray... Continue Reading →

Coming up with the product

We as a team had mutually decided that we want to help the wheelchair users to comfortably enjoy their simple pleasures of life. Problem faced by Wheel Chair users - More often than not, wheelchair users are frequently faced with the uncomfortable process of having to ask for assistance, doing the simplest of things. Firstly... Continue Reading →

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